Dance Rules

  1. Once arrived no student may leave the dance unless picked up by a parent and with administrator’s approval.
  2. All AJHS rules governing dress and behavior (language, conflict etc.) are enforced.
  3. All AJHS and Fine Arts students must be respectful and courteous to volunteers, chaperones and staff.
  4. To protect the facilities, gum is not allowed at the dance, and food or drinks are not allowed in Baro Gymnasium.
  5. Dangerous behaviors such as shoulder rides, “moshing”, conga line, launching of students, climbing the bleachers, removing of clothes will result in the student/s being removed from the dance. The administrator will decide if the student will be suspended from further dances and from school.
  6. All students must avoid inappropriate contact with others; this creates an atmosphere in which others can feel uncomfortable. This includes any dancing style involving inappropriate contact, (current example; “freaking”).
  7. Dances start at 7:00pm (doors to the cafeteria will open at 6:45pm to check in students). Dance ends at 9:00pm.
  8. Please do not call the Dance Coordinators for tickets. Tickets will be sold the week of the dance at lunch time only. A student will not be sold a ticket if they have any library fines. They must pay fines before receiving a ticket. Any student on academic suspension is not allowed to attend the dance.