GATE - Gifted and Talented Education

  Atascadero Junior High School GATE

This is the Atascadero Junior High GATE webpage. More information can be at the
AUSD District GATE webpage.

The AJHS GATE program was reviewed by the state of California in May of 2005. The review states, "Atascadero Junior High clearly provides a stimulating environment for its gifted and challenging activities within the classroom setting.". "The atmosphere of the school is dynamic and clearly supportive of gifted learners."

GATE is provided in a GATE specific period each day.

Differentiation -- AJHS follows the guidelines required by Assemby Bill 2313 which guides districts in providing services to GATE students. A primary focus of the Bill is to insure GATE students be offered a differentiated curriculum within the regular school day. The text of this bill can be found at this address:

In addition, AJHS offers a variety of classes for both 7th and/or 8th grade. Examples are: Industrial Arts Classes, Math Counts(a challenging program that helps to develop strategies in problem solving), CJSF(California Junior Scholarship Federation), Chess Club, History Day, Mock Trial, Yearbook, Leadership, Performing Arts, Vocal Arts. More information about these programs becomes available as the year progresses. 

GATE students at AJHS are encouraged to take:
  • Industrial Arts - intense problem solving and design skills as students learn to work with their hands and their brains. In the material classes students learn about a specific material: wood, plastics, metals. The drawing classes teaches improved writing skills and design. 
  • Math Counts - a challenging problem solving program that helps to develop strategies in problem solving in a fun and safe environment. Students in this program meet weekly and have some field trips to local problem solving events.
  • Mock Trial - is an exciting law-related education program that introduces students to the American legal system and provides a challenging opportunity for personal growth, and achievement. As part of the mock trial program, students
  • History Day - Participation in the County and State History Day competitions is encouraged.
  • Video Yearbook - 8th graders, be part of the creation of AJHS's video yearbook. Make sure to speak with Mr. Martin if you are interested in being a part of this popular class.
  • Hardcopy Yearbook - be part of the creation of AJHS's yearbook. 
  • Writing Contests - GATE students are counseled and encouraged to take part in the County Writing Contests
  • Leadership - plans and carry-out activities that are fun and exciting for AJHS students. 
  • Performing Arts -Drama at its best. This is a very high quality program.
  • Target Classes (7th and 8th) are Chorus, Band, Leadership, Advanced Art, Video Production, Performing Arts, Yearbook.
  • The Royal Saints Program - rewards and celebrates the achievements of many of our GATE students.
  • California Junior Scholarship Federation - (CJSF) is a national program for students with good grades. CJSF meets a couple of times a month during students' lunch time with an emphasis on community projects and encouraging students in their daily studies. Students must reapply each semester. Seventh graders may apply in the spring semester of 7th grade.