AMS Saints Paw Their Way to 3rd Place in Weekend Tourney

posted Nov 28, 2016, 3:38 PM by Ryan Allison

Flamson Middle School was the battleground for a two-day season opening boy’s basketball tournament in Paso Robles.  AMS 7th grade boys struggled to find their rhythm in Friday’s evening game against Lewis Leopards.  Friday was an easy victory for Lewis as AMS failed to control the board.  The Leopards watchword for the evening must have been “board-up” because Lewis executed grab after grab at the glass. A suffocating defense and scoring runs in each of the four quarters propelled Lewis to a 37-17 win against the Saints. I caught up with Coach Ballinger after the game on Friday and asked how he thought AMS could of better. managed their offense on the court. “They need to work on rebounds the most,” Ballinger said.

Ask and you shall receive because AMS found their offensive and defensive stride in Saturday’s early morning game against Flamson Cougars. AMS was aggressive at the board and easily took control of the game by outscoring the Cougars each of the four quarters. Kaiden Abma tossed in five for Saturday’s morning game, making him the highest scorer, and Jerren Fischer was the only deep threat dishing the only three pointer of the game. AMS clinches the win over the Cougars lighting up the scoreboard with a resounding 52-19 margin.

Saturday’s early morning win over the Cougars stoked the team’s offensive fire for their afternoon match-up against Templeton Eagles. If the Eagles thought, they were going to soar over the top of the Saints they were in for a big surprise. The first two quarters were close with one team scoring and the other answering back. Templeton and AMS seemed to be matched in speed, defensive quality, and scoring attacks. At the beginning of the third quarter the game was tied 14-14. AMS found an offensive juggernaut and in two quarters found a 19-point scoring run to seal the deal with a 33-19 win over the Eagles placing 3rd place in the tournament.

From my courtside seat, he got game: Kaiden Abma led the scoring parade in this season’s opening tournament draining six baskets. Levi Meeks is sticky on defense and quick around the court. Levi will be a defensive player to watch.

Until it’s tipped off again on November 29th that’s Hootie’s scoop on the hoop.

Weston Hooten

Kid Reporter