Saints Coast Through Season Undefeated

posted Feb 20, 2018, 9:36 AM by Ryan Allison

            AMS Saints ended their season on January 18th undefeated. It was obvious with game one that this 8th grade team would prove the statement: talent wins games. Whether the Saints were defending their home court, or playing on their opponent’s hardwood they earned respect by outscoring and outplaying the teams they faced. AMS 8th grade took second in the season ending tournament finishing behind first place team Mesa.

            On January 10th, AMS squared off with Mission Prep and beat them 67-22. Stevie Waiters stuffed the ball in the net five times adding ten points to the board making him the games top scorer. Thursday January 11th AMS took on Laguna Lancers taking the win: 58-43. A common denominator on the offense between the Mission Prep game and Laguna is Stevie Waiters. Waiters was the money player putting fourteen points up-making him the top scorer in back to back games. On January 16th AMS played their rival team Lewis Leopards and for the second time this season shut down their offensive play. In the third quarter, Waiters was the only Saint to find the basket on offense, stuffing in seven points. N Reese Evans aided Saints’ victory by consistently scoring on either fouls or offensive plays in each quarter. January 18th, the Saints played their last regular season game against Flamson and beat the Cougars 81-20. Kalvin Shope found the basket seven times and had a shot from downtown for three for a total of 18 points! Stevie Waiters was a close second on dominating offensively with six baskets and an impressive three-point shot.

            Congratulations to Coach West and the 8th grade team for their undefeated season! The talent on this team heads to the hill next year and you can bet they will have an impact on Greyhound basketball.

            Since this is my 8th grade year as well, and I also move to the hill, this is the final Hooties scoop on the hoop.

Weston Hooten

Kid Sports Reporter