Saints Ground the Eagles With a 27-21 Win

posted Dec 12, 2016, 9:16 AM by Ryan Allison

        On Tuesday, December 6th, AMS Saints battled on the hardwood against the Templeton Eagles. Even though, Templeton had the home court advantage the Saints beat them in a hard-fought game, where the whistle blew so often a face in the crowd yelled, “Let them play.” When the buzzer sounded for the last time, the lit-up box read 27-21 putting another check in the W column for the Saints.

        Logan Reyes led a balanced scoring attack for the Saints with eight points total. Two of those baskets were Reyes logging miles at the three-point line. Following Reyes in the Saints scoring attack were: Stevie Waiters with six points and Levi Meeks with five points. Evan Moscardi, playing a tough center set the physical tone of the game being called for a foul five times. Nearly, fouling out in the second half of the game.

        On Thursday, December 8th, the Saints played Flamson Cougars in Cougar territory. AMS Saints beat the Cougars by an impressive 20-point margin! The final score of the game was 30-10 improving the Saints record to 3-0.

        From my courtside seat, he got game: Logan Reyes gets my vote for setting the offensive tempo by draining 17 baskets in two games. Way to capitalize on scoring opportunities, Logan!

Until the ball is tipped off again on December 13th, that’s Hootie’s scoop on the hoop.

Go Saints!

Weston Hooten

Kid Sports Reporter

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