Three Sport Athlete Delivers Clutch Performance in Los Osos Game

posted Jan 17, 2017, 1:00 PM by Ryan Allison

If you are shorter than the average 7th grader, than you would find yourself looking up, when speaking to Evan Moscardi. Evan landed a spot on the AMS 7th grade basketball team this year, as a starter that plays center and post. Moscardi, has certainly made his presence known this year on the court, delivering a clutch performance in the game against Los Osos on December 13th. Moscardi’s quick thinking, smart passing by teammates, and his advanced skill set won the game for the Saints in the last 3 seconds of the game, bringing their record to 4-1.

I sat down with Evan over the winter break and we talked about basketball in general. Evan is a three sport athlete, playing the “big 3” (baseball, basketball, and football). Evan competitively plays key positions, such as: first baseman, pitcher, catcher, quarterback, center, and post. Moscardi, has played basketball since the first grade. Brining 7 years experience to the Saints school team. Further, Evan has played for the Atascadero club basketball team, Mudpit, for the last two years. I asked Evan out of the 3 sports he plays, which sport is his favorite. Evan replied, “I like baseball the best.” Moscardi, is an entertaining player to watch on the court. Every move he makes is well thought out and well executed. I asked Evan if he could describe himself as a player, and he described himself as a player that likes to “drive to the hoop”, and not one that “takes outside shots.” Precisely, what makes Evan entertaining on the hardwood. Moscardi,  is a pure shooter that relies on screens to score and doesn’t subscribe to the hype about spectacular dunks. The Saints, currently have an impressive 7-1 record. I asked Evan what he thought his team brings onto the court that makes winning so easy for them, and there was no hesitation before Evan said, “we work together as a team.” Moscardi, is not just a solid athlete, but he also is an exceptional student. Being able to manage one, or the other is pretty easy, however juggling both and excelling is outstanding. Evan knows that if he wants to play sports than he needs to have good grades. Just for fun, I asked Moscardi if he could play a pickup game of basketball with an NBA player who would it be. Evan replied, “I would like to play with the 1989 Piston’s team.” Otherwise, known as the “bad boy Piston roster”, which included: Dennis Rodman, Isiah Thomas, and Joe Dumars.

In ending, I asked Evan if he had a college team that he could see himself playing basketball for, and that was the Florida Gators. In watching Evan play Basketball it doesn’t seem too far fetched of an idea that there could be some Gator hoop in his future. But, before that, I promise, you will see Evan Moscardi in orange and grey at the high school.

Weston Hooten

Kid Sports Reporter